Cashew Season is here – get it while you can!

Cashews have a nut that is sweet are most-eaten nut in both Europe and America. Little do you know that that little nut actually comes from a fruit, similar to an apple but juicy like a peach. It’s an amazing … Read More

Why Visit Belize?

Why visit Belize One of the most spectacular aspects of Belize is that no matter how many times you visit or how many places you go there’s always something new to be discovered. It would literally take you a lifetime … Read More

Check out Mountain Pine Ridge

Drive into the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve and away from most of the civilization for an intimate experience at one of the most breathtaking sites in Western Belize. Led by your adventure specialist, hike down to the waterfall and climb … Read More

Xunantunich Mayan Ruin

Xunantunich Mayan Ruin (“Maiden of the Rock” pronounced: “Shoe-nan-too-nitch”) A 2 hour drive from the Cruise Ship Port You access the actual Ruin by boarding a hand-cranked chain ferry which take you acrooss the Mopan River and leads you to … Read More