Getting Married in Belize

Getting Married in Belize?

Belize Tours Unlimited provides a variety of specialized services for couples getting married in Belize from wedding planners to exclusive wedding venues.

Weddings in Belize

There are lots of beautiful, tropical and exotic places to marry in Belize; it all depends on what you desire and what your style is.

Jungle destinations vary from riverside all the way too deep, dense jungle, which of course has all the modern conveniences to make the most special day of your life truly memorable.

Beach weddings are unique and there are a variety of locations that are beyond spectacular. You can be married on a private Island that will accommodate only your wedding party or on a beach that has easy access to ongoing activities and events.

Before you start the planning of your marriage, whether it would be a big wedding, renewing your vows or a simple elopement, Belize has laws and requirements.

Here are the basics on getting married in Belize

Belize marriage are recognized all over the world

What are the requirements for getting married in Belize?

You are required to stay in Belize for 3 days (72 hours) prior to the wedding.

On the 1st business day after your marriage application can be submitted to the Solicitor General’s office in Belmopan (the capital).

Blood tests are not required, but you are required to provide

proof of citizenship

a certified copy of your birth certificate

the original divorce certificate or death certificate, if applicable.

We will assist you with your marriage license and the formal registration of your marriage by arranging to get you to Belmopan, the capital of Belize.

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