Belize Mayan Ruins

Belize was home to the largest Mayan population and there are over 600 Mayan sites identified in Belize.

Ancient Mayans flourished from around 6000 BC to 900 to AD. Archaeologists estimate that 2,000,000 Mayan once lived in what is now Belize, in 1972 the population of Belize was at 173,000 and now currently has a population of about 380,000. Belize has the highest concentration of Mayan Ruins in the world, The Mayans sacred
Belize to this day has the highest concentration of Mayan Ruins in the world. Some of the Mayans sacred colours are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
In the time of the Mayan era, the Rivers help to provide transportation to and from other Mayan sites for trading purposes and through the cave systems to perform sacrifices and ceremonies.
The limestone formation provided materials to make building blocks and stucco in order to create these beautiful structures.
The Mayas came up with the concept of zero, and a calendar system based on their understanding of astronomy. And a system of writing which included both hieroglyphics and phonetics.

Some of the most popular Mayan Sites:
• Santa Rita
• Cerros
• Nuhmul
• Cuello
• Altun Ha
• Lamanai
• Pilar
• Cahal Pech
• Xunantunich
• Pacbitun
• Maintzunun
• Caracol
• Nim Li Punit
• Lubaantun
• Uxbenka
• La Milpa