About Belize

Belize is located on the east coast of Central America with the north bordering Mexico, to the west and south is Guatemala and to the east is the Caribbean Sea.

Belize is 185 miles from north to south and 69 miles wide and has the 2nd longest Barrier Reef in the World.
One way to think of the country of Belize, imagine her head in the jungle her feet in the Caribbean Sea.

Belize is a big country, unlike a lot of Caribbean countries and has a total land area is 22,923 km² 8867 mi.² of land that includes more than 200 offshore keys. Getting from one place to another requires time and transportation and is our biggest tip to travellers, understand the huge distances from one place to another. Many fly on the local airline Tropic Airlines which is pretty much a form of daily transit for some. There are public buses that run regularly or you can hire a taxi or rent a car.

Belize is truly mothers natures best-kept secret with diverse ecosystems and the second largest barrier reef in the world. Combined with an enormous landmass that is home to over 12 different types of cultures and variety of exotic animals.

The closer you get to the borders of Mexico and Guatemala you will see more of a “Spanish Influence” in the food, people and culture. 

The best way to explain Belize is it can be dived into 5 areas;

• The Coast

• The northern low lands

• The Maya mountains

• Southern Belize

• The Maya Mountains

Northern Belize l Corozal l Orange Walk

The roads are lined with Sugar cane fields you will see the remnants of Maya heritage in temples and ceremonial sites.

Central Belize l Belize District

Belize District, as is Belize City. The largest population centre in the country. It was the capital until it had to move in 1970

It still remains Belize’s cultural center, and is beautiful with its colonial architecture and historical mementoes from the 1700’s

Western Belize l Cayo District

The Cayo district is home to the nation’s new capital Belmopan. You are close to the forest, caves and waterfalls of the Mountain Pine Ridge and several grand Maya cities. There is a large Mennonite population of German origin based in the community of Spanish Lookout

Southern Belize l Stann Creek l Hopkins l Placencia l Toledo

Southern Belize one the most popular tourist destinations, with the country’s largest marine reserve along the east coast

You will smell a familiar scent that will be the acres of citrus and banana plantations as you go inland to explore Belize’s finest example of the rainforest. Do not miss the world’s only jaguar reserve.

Island and Atolls l Ambergris Caye l Caye Caulker

This is for the beach bum that is in us all. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and abundant fish life. You can hide out on in a private retreat and for those who prefer to camp on the smaller islands that dot the reef line from north to south