Saint Hermans Cave & Blue Hole National Park

Tour information

  • allinclusive
  • Cold Bottled Water
  • Entrance fees
  • Gratuities (optional)
Tour Map

Saint Hermans Cave & Blue Hole National Park

St. Herman’s Cave and the Blue Hole, are connected by an underground stream.
Visitors can walk 200 yards into the cave entrance without a guide or you can hire a guide to help you explore further into the cave, where you will see beautiful formations and Mayan artifacts.

At the end of your tour through the cave you can float peacefully back to the entrance of the cave on an inner tube.

The Blue Hole is a refreshing place for a swim to cool down after your hike. It was formed by the collapse of an underground limestone cave. the river running through the original cavern still flows through the cave system and forms a beautiful blue colored pool at the bottom of the cenote.

The Blue Hole at the depression’s base has a depth of about 25 feet

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