Altun Ha Maya Ruin

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  • allinclusive
  • Cold Bottled Water
  • Entrance fees
  • Gratuities (optional)
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Altun Ha Maya Ruin

Altun Ha translated means Water of the Rock and it sits in a village called Rock Stone Pond

The area spans about 5 square miles and has two central plazas, A & B. The Plazas are surrounded by towering temples that enclose the palm strewn land, the largest plaza being Plaza A.

Mostly known for the famous Jade head discovered by,  the Jade Head depicted the Mayan Sun god Kinich Ahau is the largest jade artifact found in Belize. The jade head is 14.9 cm in height and weigh 9 3/4 lb.

These artifacts were found in the seventh stage of structure B-4 which is known as the Temple of the Masonry Alters this is the largest of all the temples at this site it stands 54 feet above the Plaza floor.

This discovery was in 1968 at Altun Ha  Mayan Ruin site by two Belizean’ that were working with Dr. David Pendergast, a Canadian. It was one of the biggest and longest excavations projects in the country.

The sculpture itself had spent almost 1400 years in a sealed crypt before it was discovered.

A total of six tombs were discovered at the site, and the jade head found in Belize was the largest sculpture in jade ever found. The tomb in which it was found was given the name Temple *of the Masonry* Altar”, it is the tallest tomb site.


This is the closest Mayan Ruin to Belize City it’s about 45 minute drive out of the city.

Once you arrive you will start out with a 10 minute walk through the rainforest to the famous Rock Stone Pond reservoir. Along the way you may see some of Belize’s exotic birds and the morlets crocodile


  • Expect to climb the Ruins, that a steep step up the Temples

  • Wear walking shoes

  • There is a limited place to purchase items such as sun screen

  • Bring cash and small bills

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