About Orange Walk

Orange Walk Town is located in the northern part of the small yet tropical country of Belize. Orange walk also known by the name ‘Sugar City’ is due to its sugar production at Belize Sugar Industry.
Orange Walk has several little village that branches off in the district just to name a few San Lazaro, San Antonio, Yo Creek and Indian Church along with several more. It is known as a tourist attraction because of its amazing Mayan site at Lamanai. Lamanai which comes from the word ‘submerged insect’ is one of the largest archeological site in the country of Belize. Orange Walk contains several ethnic group in its surrounding. These ethnic groups to name a few are as follows; Mestizo, Garifuna, Chinese, Creole, Mennonite and much more. Along with all that Orange Walk also Sugar City is known for its amazing tacos made up chicken and pork. So, if you ever ask why you should visit Orange Walk Town remember it is known for its sugar, its Mayan site, its different cultures and the best of all its tacos.

Orange Walk District

Capital: Orange Walk Town
  • Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area
  • Ship Yard
  • Spanish Lookout